My 7-week final major project for my Art Foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts, 'Cast Off, My Darling' is a fantasy story about growing up in an uncertain world.

Influenced by contemporary comics and the work of Ursula K Le Guin, I wanted to explore the transitional stage of 'becoming an adult' through the fantastical forces of fate and destiny. The protagonists, who I designed to be empathetic and engaging, are all going through their own struggles with their appointed destinies, loss of powers or gaining powers, all while navigating the dangerous world in the clouds.

Visit the page linked above to see the full project!


Mural commissioned by The Fields Beneath cafe in Kentish Town. My first exterior mural project under a railway viaduct, designed to illuminate the space & bring the cafe's vegan principles and connection to nature to life.

Mural commissioned by Woodentots Nursery for a children's garden, designed to create an imaginative environment and have things for kids to point out and enjoy.